What is the best scooter to rent in manila?

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Which scooter you choose to rent in Manila comes down to personal choice, how confident you are riding a scooter and whether you have experience or not although riding an automatic scooter is easy.

Scoot.com.ph offers a good selection of scooters for rent in Manila, all of the scooters available to rent in Manila are less then 12 months old and fully automatic, some refer to automatic scooters as twist and go, what this means is that you do need need to use a clutch to change gears, you literally twist the throttle and it goes forward!

Manila traffic is bad, riding a scooter does give you the luxury of riding in between the cars but there still can be a lot of stop and starting when riding through the Manila traffic, believe us when we say that you will be grateful of not having to constantly shift gears on your automatic rental scooter.

Scoot.com.ph offers 3 different types of Scooter for rent from it’s Manila HG Scoot@TheLaundryDepot.com.ph

1) Suzuki Skydrive 125cc Automatic scooter available for rent in Manila – 550Php per day

The Suzuki Skydrive is a great scooter for beginners to rent, it is slightly less powerful then the Yamaha Mio Soul i but offers enough power to navigate your way through Manila and at only 550Php per day you can’t go wrong, if you are carrying a passenger though we would suggest the Mio with that little bit more ummph as well as the additional storage space under the seat for 1 helmet.

Scooter and Motorcycle rental in Manila http://Scoot.com.ph

2) Yamaha Mio Soul i 125cc Automatic scooter available for rent in Manila – 599Php per day

The Yamaha Mio Soul i 125cc scioter is the most popular scooter that Scoot.com.ph offers for rent in manila, it has good acceleration is is a perfect size for two, so if you are looking at rental a scooter with a friend and exploring Manila then this is always the scooter we would recommend for rentals in Manila, 599Php is a good price and that includes two helmets and a full 24 Hour scooter rental, meaning you could get out of Manila for the day, maybe consider somewhere like Tagatay and the Taal Volcano, The Yamaha Mio rental scooter will get you and a passenger there and back in no time at all!

Manila Scooter and Motorcycle rental http://scoot.com.ph

3) Yamaha Aerox 155cc Automatic Scooter available for rent in Manila – 750Php per day

The Yamaha Aerox 155cc scooter is our favourite scooter to rent in Manila, the 155cc engine and wider wheels are perfect for nipping in and out of the traffic as well as the passenger sitting above the drivers position allowing them to see as well as the driver themself. The Aerox also has a lot of storage under the seat as well as a secret compartment complete with a cigarette lighter which you can plug your phone into for charging, how cool is that, Scoot.com.ph offers the Aerox at a great price of only 750Php per day (Again including two crash helmets and  afull 24 hours rental)

Manila Scooter and Motorcycle rental http://scoot.com.ph

If you are interested in renting a scooter whilst visiting Manila, you have a few options, you can book online at Scoot.com.ph or visit us at our Makati City Store, Scoot@TheLaundryDepot.com.ph, 2698 Gen Cailles Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, call 02 805 4266 Or 0917 720 0444 email rentme@scoot.com.ph or message us via our FACEBOOK page here we are open 24/7 and also offer a drop-off and pick-up service throughout Makati, Manila and BGC making it even easier to rent a scooter in manila from Scoot.com.ph

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