Laundry Lockers

Laundry is a sought after amenity that can increase property value and reduce turnover, but adding in-unit laundry or upgrading appliances can be costly. The Laundry Depot laundry locker service is a new way to add personalized laundry options to your property.

When property managers offer The Laundry Depot laundry locker service as an amenity, they dramatically add value for their residents. Instead of spending hours washing, drying and folding, your residents can simply leave their clothes in a locker and continue living their life. The laundry Depot picks up the laundry and returns it the next day, eliminating laundry concerns for good.

The Laundry Depot laundry locker service is a no cost amenity that places secure lockers in under utilized building spaces. Tenants have 24-hour access to laundry services without having to leave the building.

  • No cost to install
  • Very little space required
  • Add luxury to your property
  • Increase building’s long term worth and tenant satisfaction with self-service access to laundry.
  • Hands off amenity—The Laundry Depot services and provides quality customer support

Residents consider convenient access to places like grocery stores and laundromats when looking for a new place to live. Adding The Laundry Depot laundry locker service as an amenity to your property checks one off their list.

Contact us for more information today, and we’ll provide free on-site marketing and a no cost laundry service.


The Laundry Depot laundry locker service is available to you for free. Really. We handle the delivery and installation of lockers at no cost to you, and our drivers are all trained in locker maintenance.

All we need is space to install the lockers, and we’ll complete the install in one business day. The lockers will add to communal areas, or they can be placed in under utilized spaces in your building – transforming basements into fully functional spaces. The installation doesn’t require special hookups, electricity or Wi-Fi. Your residents can start using the lockers immediately.

Instead of increasing spending on expensive electrical and ductwork for new or upgraded laundry rooms, consider adding The Laundry Depot laundry locker service to your building.




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