Pick-Up & Delivery

Laundry day just got easier.

We pick up your laundry and bring back clean clothes….

How cool is that?!?!

…all you’ve got to do is put them away.

Simply place your order online by using FACEBOOK or our app, and leave your laundry with your building’s concierge, place in one of our laundry lockers or confirm pick-up point when booking.

After The Laundry Depot picks up your laundry, we wash and dry your clothes in separate machines for each customer, according to the preferences that you set up on your account. Your laundry will be returned to your designated delivery point after it has been neatly folded, double bagged and wrapped securely to avoid wrinkles.

Customize Your Order: When you do your laundry with DashLocker, you still get to choose your laundry preferences like hang drying, water temperature, and detergent. Just log into your account and click on “Laundry Settings” to adjust your preferences.


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