How much for laundry in Makati City?

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I’m Hotel V’s The Laundry Depot

I just thought that I would share a recent experience I had when staying at the relatively new (opened December, 2016) I’m Hotel in Makati City, Manila, generally the hotel still has a feel of a new kid on the block, contemporary design, good facilities inc. spa and pool, large bedrooms, good rain type showers and baths…multiple bars and restaurants – the roof deck bar is a must visit whether you stay at I’m hotel or not, the view is amazing, the cocktails super tasty and the bites a delight!

I was shocked at Check out when I was handed a bill of 850Php for a bloodstain on my pillow which was actually from when I cut myself shaving….

So, owning a laundry service I obviously politely (ish) rejected the request to handover 850Php but instead offered to take ‘said pillow case to The Laundry Depot and very simply remove the blood stain and give them back a perfectly whiter then white pillowcase….after 30 minutes (I am stubborn) which included housekeeping coming to the front desk to confirm that I indeed had left a drop of blood on a pillowcase however the pillowcase could not be produced as the current laundry service provider still had it and would not return it to the hotel for another 48 hours (I will be talking to house keeping as The Laundry Depot would have delivered the laundry back less then 24 hours after pick-up!) so in the end they just took the 850Php off my bill and I went on my way.

This got me thinking though, what is the difference both in terms of time and money when using either a hotel laundry service (in this case we will share I’m Hotel, Makati City laundry service prices) and using the a laundry service like The Laundry depot offers throughout Makati City and BGC….let’s compare.

The Special Laundry Service offered by I’m Hotel declares if you hand your dirty laundry to housekeeping before 10am they will return it to you the same day, whoch is fair enough and a good service… however how much is this going to cost you?!?  (full I’m Hotel laundry price list can be found here)

Some sample prices:

T-Shirt – 170Php

Polo Short Sleeves – 250Php

Socks – 125Php


Wow… is all I can say, now bearing in mind the above 3 items add up to total of 545Php and if you went out in public wearing just those items of clothing you at the very least would get some strange looks but more then likely get arrested for some sort of public disorder offence/violation… lets compare The Laundry Depot Express laundry service which is the most expensive laundry service we offer, it is a 10 hour service and includes wash, dry and fold plus pick-up and delivery all within the 10 hours all for only 500Php, oh and by the way that is for up to 8KG of laundry! To put it in context 8KG of laundry is roughly the equivalent of 40-T-shirts!!!

Direct comparison then:

So, the next time you are staying in a hotel, please take 30 seconds to search on google for a local laundry service like The Laundry Depot that offers an Express pick-up and delivery laundry service in Makati City and BGC 24/7 if you are travelling with a family you will save a small fortune!!

To see The Laundry Depot’s full price list include the self-service Laundromat laundry facility in Makati City please click here

To book your laundry for pick-up you can book online here BOOK NOW or call +63 (0) 917 577 1567 or message our FACEBOOK Page here (ALL AVAILABLE 24/7)




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