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Laundry services on the go for your tenants.

Onsite Laundry Services never work out the way they are supposed to and there’s limited concierge capacity. Property management companies and developers are finding The Laundry Depot laundry locker service is a great fit for their projects.

By offering this hi-tech service to your tenants you now have the best laundry service in town.

Contact us for details at:

2698 CBL Building Gen. Cailles Street, Barangay Bangkal, Makati
Manila, Philippines
Call 02-808-5124 or 02 805-4266


Simple for Tenants

We use smart GeoLocation technology that allows us to know when your tenants are using the service based on their location. Your tenants can get set up in minutes, and no longer worry about laundry machines or dry cleaners. We’re a modern amenity at zero cost to you!

No Hassle

Our top-notch customer service coupled with high-tech tracking ensures customer satisfaction with app-based ordering, tracking and payment. First-time orders take less than 5 minutes – after that only seconds.

No Set-up Required

We’ve built a turn key platform that reduces wear and tear on in-unit machines, reduces staff time and effort, requires minimal space, and is free to install and maintain.

  • Zero staff support – we take care of it all  – from ensuring a clean and tidy area to accessible customer service and support
  • 100% free to install – no cost to the property
  • Highly space efficient; approx. 2 ft x 3 ft
  • Require NO hookups, so no electricity, no internet, and no water
  • Reduces wear and tear on in-unit washers and driers, limiting service calls for you

The Laundry Depot local-based provider of quality laundry and dry cleaning services.  With our existing stores throughout the Makati and BGC, we are able to provide convenient RELIABLE service for your building.

We guarantee that you and your tenants love The Laundry Depot

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